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Gain Some Fashion Inspiration From These 4 Project M Contestants

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Being a model is more than just having good looks – check out the diverse fashion styles of these aspiring models

Project M is a nationwide model search aimed at helping young aspiring models between the ages 18 to 28 get a head start in the modelling industry. With Project M is full swing, we spoke to four aspiring models to find out more about their personal style and aspirations.


Hong Luyue (@luyuebae), 21


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In her free time, Luyue enjoys hitting the gym and playing the piano. The musically inclined aspiring model also enjoys shopping and finding fashion inspiration from overseas models on Instagram. The bubbly China born 21-year-old is always up for trying new and unfamiliar things. She also prides herself on her love for performing and ability to put herself out there.


What motivated you to join this competition? Do you have any models you look up to?

Ever since I was young, I would admire the pretty girls and boys gracing the glossy pages of magazines. As I got older, I started developing an interest in fitness and fashion, and the idea of becoming a model just grew on me. My favourite models are Liu Wen and Kiko Mizuhara.


Describe your personal style

Comfort is key. When I work out, I like to be in comfortable gym clothes. On a day to day basis, I dress in a minimal and casual manner.  Regardless of whatever I’m wearing, I’ll make sure to take into account my body proportions and choose clothes that best fit my shape.


What is your ultimate goal in this competition?

I want to be a model that isn’t afraid to showcase herself and her talents.


Lam Miao Yan (@lampymiao), 21


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21-year-old Miao Yan is studying accounting at the Singapore Management University. While she might appear to be very sociable, she also has a serious and stern side that people don’t usually see.


What motivated you to join this competition? Do you have any models you look up to?

I grew up watching “America’s Next Top Model”, that’s how I got interested in entering the modelling world. I really admire Cara Delevingne and Ruby Rose.


Describe your personal style

My personal style is hard to define. My fashion changes every day. Recently, I’ve been embracing the androgynous look. I’ll wear whatever looks good.


What is your ultimate goal in this competition?

I don’t really have any lofty aspirations or expectations going into this competition, especially since I don’t have any prior modelling expectations.  I’m here because of my passion for fashion, photography and modelling. I hope to be able to inspire more Singaporeans to try and experiment with gender-neutral fashion.


Joseph Tan Swee Meng (@boonkaewnaree), 23


23-year-old Joseph is an undergrad at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media. Born to a Thai mother and Singaporean father, Joseph is the middle child (he has one elder sister and a younger sister) in the family. Aside from juggling his schoolwork, he also posts pictures on Instagram to earn some pocket money to help out with his school fees. Joseph, who is the life of the party, loves bringing joy to people around him with his sunny disposition and adventurous spirit.


What motivated you to join this competition? Do you have any models you look up to?

I’ve always aspired to be a performer on stage and it has always been a dream of mine to be a singer and a dancer. Modelling is a stepping stone that will bring me closer to my dreams. I really like K-pop idols like Park Jihun from Wanna One and Cha Eun Woo from Astro. I admire Jihun’s bright personality and his boyish charm and I feel that I can learn a lot from him. Eun Woo is very good looking and charisma. I aspire to be like them.


Describe your personal style

When I am in front of the camera, I am able to exude and give off a youthful and cheery vibe. The style I am going for is very young, bright and exuberant.


What is your ultimate goal in this competition?

I hope to gain more experience in the modelling industry and meet like-minded individuals whom I can learn from and get inspired by. And of course, I hope to be able to achieve my dreams of becoming a model.


Ong Ding Zi Denon (@denon_ong), 19


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The 19-year-old Temasek Polytechnic Aviation Management & Services student towers over his competition with his 183cm height. Even though he has no formal modelling experience, having worked with street photographers in Singapore, he is no stranger to being in front of the camera. The lanky student admitted that he used to be painfully shy in front of the camera and was insecure of his appearance. However, as he started to get involved in more photoshoots, he was able to build his confidence. If he had to describe himself in three words, he would say he is an “amiable”, “ambitious” and “committed” individual.


What motivated you to join this competition? Do you have any models you look up to?

I strongly believe that it is important to look presentable regardless of where you are headed to if you want to leave a good impression. When I see an individual that is dressed to the nines, it tells me that he is confident and takes good care of himself. I have always admired the clothes worn by models as well as how they photograph in pictures. Also, I would like to work on my confidence. Every model has their own unique features and styles but Hannes Gobeyn is one model I look up to as there is this effortless look in him that makes him charismatic.


Describe your personal style

I gravitate to simple and clean-cut pieces like T-shirts and jeans. When I am feeling adventurous, I will experiment with layering and throw on a denim jacket or a flannel.


What is your ultimate goal in this competition?

I would love to experience going down the runway and appearing in magazine spreads and catalogs. Being a part of fashion week has also been a dream for me and it would be amazing if I could fulfil that dream.

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