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Cleveland Chen: Cap, $15, Chit-Chit. Pink tint sunglasses, $45, KIMOJ. Gradient check stole, $39, MUJI. Bomber jacket, $79, bossini. Long sleeve shirt, $39.90, UNIQLO. Men's rolled-hem bermudas, $45.90, PULL&BEAR . Casual sneakers, $49.99, Everlast. Dustin Lim: Metal frame vintage glasses, $20, KIMOJ. Collarless jacket, $99.90, i-13. Long sleeve t-shirt, $19.90, MUJI. Oxford short-sleeve shirt, $39, MUJI. Men's trousers, $39.90, PULL&BEAR . Multi colour woven belt, $49.90, Levi's. Railfit trailfit sneakers, $189, UNDER ARMOUR. Caen Loh: Piper Panama hat, $19.95, COTTON ON. Fraunia ruffle-trim midi dress, $29, Kalisna bib camisole, $29 and Quinella wave-frill top, $19, The Editor’s Market. Multicolour silicone watch, $82, SWATCH. Beaded ribbon necklace, $26.90 and beaded long necklace, $20.90, HELEN. Morris two-way sneakers, $97, Elisa Litz. Naomi Huth: Side-tie knit vest, $49 and cropped pants, $29, iora. Off-shoulder blouse, $89, LVER. Princess rings, $24.90-$29, ACCESSORY HOLIC. Kitten heels, $89, Elisa Litz. Vikki Qin: Blue tint sunglasses, $148, OWNDAYS. Grey beaded necklace, $24.90, HELEN. Frill-trim sleeve pullover, $59, H:Connect. Ashley midi dress, $169, LVER. Flower embellished ladies slip-ons, $119, ALDO. Muhammad Haiqal: Raffia fedora hat, $69 and panel check stole, $39, MUJI. Glaremaster metal frame glasses, $20, KIMOJ. Pocketable Parka, $49.90, UNIQLO. Mint polo shirt, $129, Fred Perry. Slim bermuda shorts, $46, GIORDANO. Heather casual Trainers, $129, ALDO. Backdrop: GreenLam Pte Ltd.

Candy POP


Blushing pinks, fresh mints and zesty mustard hues for Spring/Summer abound here, perfect for casual cafe-hopping or a sweet Saturdate.