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Meet The Standout Contestants From Project M Model Search 2018

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Being a model is not just about having a pretty face – it requires a lot of skills and hard work too. We’ve picked out four promising contestants from this year’s Project M model search contest.

Did you know that some of the world’s biggest models were first discovered from model search competitions? Supermodel Cindy Crawford kickstarted her modelling career when she entered the Elite Model Management’s Look of the Year contest at 17. Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr shot to fame at 13 years old when she won the 1997 annual Dolly magazine/Impulse model competition. Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima entered not one but two model search contests – Ford’s Supermodel of Brazil model search, and subsequently, the 1996 Ford Models Supermodel of the World contest, where she placed first and second respectively.

Now, several Singaporean model hopefuls have a shot at achieving their modelling dreams too, thanks to the Project M model search contest organised by Bugis Junction and Bugis+. Here, we’ve handpicked four standout contestants – read on to find out why we think they have what it takes to be the next modelling superstar.

#1: Zina Ng, 19 (@thatszina)

Who: A current second-year Arts Business Management student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

When Did You Start Modelling: “I started out doing conceptual shoots when I was 17 with a stranger, who is now my close friend.”

Why Are You Taking Part In Project M: “I’m looking at it as a platform to build up on my self-confidence. Furthermore, I am fulfilling my passion for walking runways, doing photo shoots and also trying out a variety of clothes or activities that are usually out of my comfort zone.”

What Makes A Good Model: “Not just looks, but also a good attitude and personality, as you will be working with a lot of different people in the industry.”

Your X-Factor: “I am very adventurous. Being able to try out a spectrum of activities allows me to discover more about myself and this will be useful in the competition if I am assigned to do styles or tasks that I’m not used to.”

What Can You Bring To The Competition: “I think I can bring my hardworking attitude into this competition. Knowing that being a model is no easy job and requires lots of stamina and hard work to succeed, I will put in my 101% even in the face of adversity.”

Your Hobbies And Interests: “I play instruments and sing when I am free or just jam with my friends. In addition to that, I enjoy live streaming where I can connect with different people and also perform on that platform for people to enjoy.”

Who: A current fashion stylist at SABA and a freelance model.

When Did You Start Modelling: “I was fascinated by the camera since about 10 years old after my parents got their first Kodak camera. Ever since then, I explored being behind and in front of the camera. But I got my first gig only in February 2017, and haven’t stopped since.”

Why Are You Taking Part In Project M: “It has always been a dream to convert my modelling passion into reality. I believe being part of this competition would really support the expansion of my modelling experience and further my potential.”

What Makes A Good Model: “A good model is adaptive and has a chameleon soul. He/she is able to channel the brief and bring ideas to life by understanding from both the client and the photographer’s point of view.”

Your X-Factor: “I think my X-factor lies within my values. Being grounded, passionate, disciplined, strong-willed, open for change and respectful, whether it is when working in the modelling industry or when meeting new people.”

What Can You Bring To The Competition: “I believe I would bring my best to the competition. I will also bring an open-mindedness for growth, to see where this competition will take me as a contestant and a learner!”

Your Hobbies And Interests: “Literally everything and anything creative/artistic. You can say I never have ‘free’ time, because my brain is constantly drawn to developing new ways to express myself!”

#3: Zahra Khanum, 23 (@zah16)

Who: A recent Bachelor of Arts graduate from NUS, with a major in Sociology.

When Did You Start Modelling: “The first time I dabbled my feet into the modelling world was when I joined The New Paper New Face competition in 2016. I got chosen to be in the Top 20 and it was an invigorating experience where I learnt quite a bit about the industry.”

Why Are You Taking Part In Project M: “I realised that there is so much more I can improve on as a model and this competition will give me the platform to enhance my skills and potential. It is an opportunity to take bolder risks and widen my horizons in the modelling world.”

What Makes A Good Model: “I feel that a good model should be passionate, professional and also possess a dynamic personality. He/she should carry themselves well at all times and be able to influence people in a positive manner.”

Your X-Factor: “I have always been a dreamer, but definitely someone who is grounded enough to turn those dreams into reality. Being highly motivated and determined, I always attempt to do everything to the best of my ability.”

What Can You Bring To The Competition: “I’m hoping to bring positivity, passion, rigour and confidence into this competition, not just for myself but for the other competitors as well, as without it one will not be able to succeed.”

Your Hobbies And Interests: “I have always loved to sing and dance since I was young. I also love children and sharing my knowledge and life experiences with them. Hence, in my free time, I sign up at tutoring places such as Sinda, Mendaki and CDAC.”

#4: Jack Goh, 20 (@jackgohr)

Who: A full-time student of Performing Arts at Sunway University, Malaysia and freelance model.

When Did You Start Modelling: “I started modelling in March 2017 after I joined my very first modelling competition, Face of Malaysia 2017.”

Why Are You Taking Part In Project M: “I chose to take part in this competition because I would love to challenge myself to go further in the modelling industry, and to let people know who am I.”

What Makes A Good Model: “I think attitude makes a good model.”

Your X-Factor: “I’d say my confidence when I’m doing a photoshoot, or when I’m on the runway.”

What Can You Bring To The Competition: “A Jack Goh that’s ready to learn and ready to have a change.”

Your Hobbies And Interests: “I do love to think up some ideas with friends to do theatre pieces or videos during my free time. I also like having some ‘me time’ to spend time with myself.”

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