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  • Look 1

    Jacket, Akihabara Japan Products. Dress, LUCIA.

  • Look 2

    Jacket, bYSI. Polo t-shirt, Fred Perry. Pleated skirt, Only Love. Badges, ALDO. Pom-pom earrings, Lovisa. Bag, Ripples.

  • Look 3

    Top, bottom and basketball, Hoops Factory. Spectacles, Frames & Lenses.

  • Look 4

    Cardigan, LUCIA. Shirt and skirt, OSMOSE. Sling bag, ALDO.

  • Look 5

    Blazer, Natural Project. Striped polo t-shirt, GIORDANO. Pullover (tied around) and bottom, H:Connect. Cap, Billabong. Backpack, Levi's®.

  • Look 6

    Top and skirt, Akihabara Japan Products. Socks, Citrusox. Headband, HELEN.

  • Look 7

    Jacket and skirt, OSMOSE. Shirt, O.K.Z. Pullover, iora. Badges, ALDO.

  • Look 8

    Zip-up hoodie, DC. Tank top and socks, Topman. Bottom, GIORDANO. Spectacles, ACCESSORY HOLIC. Boxing gloves, Everlast.

  • Look 9

    Shirt, O.K.Z. Knit top, GG<5. Skirt, iora. Badges, ALDO. Bag, Ripples.

  • Look 10

    Cardigan, LUCIA. Shirt and shorts, Chocoolate. Glasses, ACCESSORY HOLIC. Scarf, ALDO. Bag, PAZZION.

  • Look 11

    Cardigan, Cheris. Shirt, Fred Perry. Skirt, MDS.

  • Look 12

    Jacket, Cheris. Dress, MOONRIVER.

  • Look 13

    Denim jacket, H:Connect. Shirt, Fred Perry. Pants, GIORDANO. Belt, Levi’s®.

  • Look 14

    Jacket, t-shirt and chinos, Topman. Belt, bossini.Sunglasses, Optique Paris-Miki.

  • Look 15

    Full outfit, Levi’s®.

  • Look 16

    Cardigan, MUJI. Dress and top (worn inside), H:Connect.