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  • Look 1

    Adidas jacket, STAR THREESIXTY. Shirt, COTTON ON. Skirt with belt, Only Love. Socks, Citrusox (pushcart). Heeled sock booties, ALDO. Bag, TIMBUK2.

  • Look 2

    Denim jacket, Levi’s®. Long-sleeved top, alcoholiday. Jogger pants, COTTON ON. Sneakers, ASICS. Cap, ACCESSORY HOLIC. Spectacles, Chit-Chit. Bag, TIMBUK2.

  • Look 3

    Top and skirt, Topshop. Heeled sock bootie, ALDO. Cap, ACCESSORY HOLIC. Sunglasses, Chit-Chit. Waistpouch, ALDO.

  • Look 4

    Jacket and pants, Chocoolate. Striped shirt, Natural Project. Checked shirt (tied around), i-13. Socks, Topman. Adidas shoes, STARTHREESIXTY. Necklace, The Bluez. Fishbone Necklace, The Bluez.

  • Look 5

    Denim vest, Berries. Sports bra, Rip Curl. Shorts, COTTON ON. Puma sneakers, STARTHREESIXTY. Choker, HELEN. Watches, Swatch.

  • Look 6

    Jacket, Berries. Top, Everlast. Pants, H:Connect. Sneakers, ALDO. Beanie, The Bluez.

  • Look 7

    Windbreaker and pants, Chocoolate. T-shirt, NIKE. Belt, bossini. Socks, Topman. Sneakers, ASICS. Glasses, Chit-Chit. G-Shock watch, CITY CHAIN. Waist pouch, Slurplife.

  • Look 8

    Jacket, button-down shirt and striped paperbag pants, Topshop. Top (worn inside),Topman. Sneakers, ALDO. Beanie, The Bluez. Sunglasses, Frames & Lenses.

  • Look 9

    Denim jacket, Berries. Puma top, STARTHREESIXTY. Sports bra, UNDER ARMOUR. Pants, NANA REVE DE LA. Heeled sock booties, ALDO. Choker, The Bluez.

  • Look 10

    Jacket, striped top (worn inside) and pants, alcoholiday. Jersey, Hoops Factory. Socks, Topman. Sneakers, ASICS. Beanie, The Bluez. Bag, UNDER ARMOUR.

  • Look 11

    Adidas hoodie, STARTHREESIXTY. Long-sleeved top (worn inside), H:Connect. Belt, alcoholiday. Jeans, NANA REVE DE LA. Heeled sandals, CHARLES & KEITH.

  • Look 12

    Pullover, Levi’s®. Striped top (worn inside), jeans and belt, alcoholiday. Adidas sneakers, STARTHREESIXTY.Waist pouch, Bratpack.

  • Look 13

    Jumper and pullover, Topshop. Shoes, ALDO. Cap, The Bluez. Sunglasses, Chit-Chit. Bag, Topshop.

  • Look 14

    Pullover, alcoholiday. Jeans, NANA REVE DE LA. Heels, ALDO.

  • Look 15

    Jacket, shirt and pants,alcoholiday. T-shirt (worn inside), Kappa. Sneakers, ASICS. Beanie, The Bluez. Sunglasses, ALDO. Pouch, Bratpack.

  • Look 16

    Coat, H:Connect. Hooded tracksuit, Kappa. Sneakers, ALDO. Cap, Chocoolate.

  • Look 17

    Jacket, bossini. Denim dress, YACHT 21. Checked dress (worn inside), SUGAR CUBE. Belt, NANA REVE DE LA. Heeled sock booties, ALDO. Sunglasses, Chit-Chit. Pouch, alcoholiday.

  • Look 18

    Jacket, Chocoolate. Checked long-sleeved shirt, jeans and belt, alcoholiday. Sneakers, ASICS.

  • Look 19

    Bomber jacket, H:Connect. Top, NIKE. Skirt, Berries. Heeled sock booties, ALDO. Beanie, The Bluez. Waist pouch, ALDO.

  • Look 20

    Jacket, striped shirt and pants,Topman. Adidas sneakers, STARTHREESIXTY. Hat, The Bluez. Bag,TIMBUK2.

  • Look 21

    Denim jacket, alcoholiday. Jacket (worn inside), bossini. Sports bra, NIKE. Jeans, Berries. Heels, ALDO. Sunglasses, Chit-Chit.

  • Look 22

    Jacket, Natural Project. Top, NIKE. Pants, Berries. Sneakers, ALDO. Sunglasses, Chit-Chit. Choker, HELEN.

  • Look 23

    Jacket, checked shirt, singlet (worn inside) and skinny jeans,Topman. Adidas sneakers, STARTHREESIXTY. Sunglasses, ALDO. Pouch,Bratpack.

  • Look 24

    Denim jacket and jeans, berries. Camisole and checked shirt, H:Connect. sneakers, ALDO.

  • Look 25

    Jacket, ASICS. Striped long-sleeved shirt, Natural Project. Printed skirt, NANA REVE DE LA. Adidas sneakers, STARTHREESIXTY.